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Do you know where your next client is coming from? What about your first client next month?

You could spend years and tens of thousands of dollars trying out every marketing channel that screams for your attention. But if you know where to look there is a client ‘vending machine’ that some of the top practices have been using in the most competitive markets in the country. It even works for small and solo practices with a few hundred dollars to spend!

It’s called PPC lead generation and it combines the power of search advertising, conversion rate optimization and analytics to create a client generating machine that can work for you every day to win the clients looking for your services.

This is NOT another marketing book showing you how to make a feel good game plan. Inside you’ll learn:

  • The exact steps to set up your own PPC lead generation system that brings clients looking for YOU directly to your phone or inbox
  • The tools and platforms big law firms and the pros use
  • The pitfalls to avoid that leave some firms penniless in the dust

Harness the power of PPC lead generation to take control of your practice’s growth today.

About the author: Jan Roos is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and founder of Expert Engines. Using techniques developed while building national brands in the hypercompetitive consumer products space, his company has helped small and solo law firms in the most crowded markets in the US generate hundreds of thousands in case billings every year.



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